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Woolrich, Inc. is an American clothing company based in Pennsylvania since 1830.

Rebeca Haas mentioned, "I bought a parka from Woolrich for my son a month and a half ago to gift to him as he lives in Sweden. Once he returned home for a visit, he opened the box to realize the jacket was way too big. The sizing chart online is extremely misleading. Now amazon wont even refund me for the full purchase and I am about to lose over a hundred dollars on a useless product. Woolrich was equally unresponsive and unconcerned about my woes with the product. Its a shame because I was led to believe this was a quality company and a quality product."


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Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"Expect too much of you. No good benefits. Very boring. They expect you to have so much knowledge. They expect you to sell even if the store is not busy. They put a lot of pressure on you."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"A lot of favouritism Not fair with hours Corporate is horrible Gives the runaround Didn't really learn much A lot of pressure Not willing to work with you The most enjoyable part of the job is being upstairs handling boxes"

commerciale vendite (Former Employee) says

"Azienda con metodi arretrati e organizzazione poco efficente,cultura aziendale provinciale"

Director of Sourcing and Product Development (Former Employee) says

"Was a great place to work for many years. However, has recently gone through an acquisition and change of culture. Benefits and pay were comparable to other companies in the area."

QA Technician (Former Employee) says

"I liked my job & the people I worked with,the company was bought out & our department was eliminated. Is an outdoor clothing company similar to LL Bean"

Laborer/Helper (Former Employee) says

"It would be a great job if they were a little laid back they don't give you enough time for a lunch break or breaks they make you stand for hours and yell at you if you sit down and if you go to the bathroom, lets just say don't because g0d forbid if you have to go to the bathroom."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Loading trucks and picking orders. Ive learned how shipping and distrabution works"

Quality Control Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Woolrich has alot of hard working people who put fourth a ggreat effort to keep its customers happy and reordering product.insurance 401khard hot place to work"

Tie girl (Former Employee) says

"The company is slipping in quality. The plant hasn’t been updated in years. The shut down important jobs and it’s suppose to be all made in plant but ordering out now."

Security Guard (Current Employee) says

"Cool jobs my supervisor jade was the best easy to work with regarding hours and time off ,the atmosphere was cool ,the staff was great had no problems."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Once a thriving company, it began going downhill when product was sourced outside US for more competetive pricing. Top hats money hungry. Falling apart now with young people in charge.employee discount at storeStill couldn't afford product even with discount"

Felicia Schapers says

"I bought an item on woolrich.eu. I paid it but no confirmation mail was send to me. Then the Woolrich 'customer service' said there is some delay in delivery, but much later still the item has not been send to me at all. Don't buy from this site! Really bad (better said: no) service and a shame for this expensive brand!!!"

Olivia M says

"I could literally copy and paste some of these other reviews. Insane how companies like this still exist. Returned nearly £800 of goods. Around 2 months later I get a 'return received email' despite postal tracker saying it had been delivered within 5 days of sending. Now we are almost 3 month later and no sign of the money. Very unhelpful (possibly written by a robot?) customer service responses. Latest one asked me to send my 'proof of postage' - when I had forwarded the person their own 'return received' email. What??? They have already acknowledged receipt! There is absolutely no tracking of previous correspondence - they just make you start all over again with a new person. Also their Piccadilly London store is bad - unhelpful staff who are more interested in chatting than helping customers, and they had very little stock from the website (it wasn't even a sale period). I trekked all the way there and they didn't have any of the three jackets I wanted to try on."

Christian Hallgeier says

"Worst experience ever! All new customers: BE CAREFULl!! I ordered two Jackets fro my wife. Total value more then € 1.600,00! I retunred one, the money was reimbursed after 5 weeks! And that only because I called 10 times and made real stress. The second jacket we kept.... My wife has been wearing it for ONE TIME and the button cracket and is irreperable! The jackst cannot be closed anymore on the top button. And considering its a winter down coat, you can imagine how bad this is! I wrote to the customer service, I called and this rediculous CS employees dont do anything. I called the Munich store and complained. They answered "I have to contect the online CS!. Nobody helps. Its a desater. So: Terrible customer service. And terrible quality of product!!"

Maro rozema says

"The sevice is so bad! They dont respond on you e mail! I have 2 jackets returend to woolrich i hope that my money comes back! €1380 I have called woolrich also but that is a big joke they do nothing. she told me she would send me an e-mail she never did!"

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